Dragon Awaken launches new version 1.90
- 2018/12/13 -
Dragon Awaken will be updated on November 20th, launching its version 1.90. The update will add new features and updates for players to experience a more immersive gameplay. Now we’ll show you what’s new in 1.90

Latest Features

Pet Trip

Do you take your pets travelling with you? It’s always a great experience. Now in Dragon Awaken you will be able to take your pets to travel with you too. Go to the Land Interface to find the Pet Trip feature. Pets can be sent while you are online or AFK. They will bring back rewards! Your pets will come back with Gold and Chests. Each pet can travel for 2 hours, and each player can let 3 pets go travel.

Feed Pet

The Pet System has been updated constantly since it was first launched in Dragon Awaken. Now it will also have a Feeding Feature. Here you will be able to improve your pets by feeding them. This way you will improve your BR.

EXP Fairy

When you reach the specified levels, the EXP Fairy will give you rewards. The levels you need to reach are 40, 50, 60 and 70.


The Gacha feature has been launched worldwide. Players in Dragon Awaken can enjoy their own Dragon Gacha. You need to reach lvl 20 for the feature to open. Each Gacha will give you one type of item. There’s 5 types of Gacha: Wings Gacha, Mount Gacha, Hero Gacha, Relic Gacha and Fashion Gacha.

Enchanted Garden

You can enjoy a stroll in the Garden in your Land. You can roll a dice and receive rewards. You will have daily chances that will reset daily. Normal Squares will give you Gold and other special squares will give you mysterious rewards. You can also visit your friend’s Garden to join special events.

Deity System

The Deity System is now active in the Ultimate Level Interface The unlock Deities, you need to upgrade your dragons. You have to train your Deity in order to improve your Stats. When the Deity reaches a certain level, you will not only have great Stats, but you will also be able to use a special Deity Power. Each Deity has a special mythology and history.

Check out the new experience in Dragon Awaken and train to become the best Dragon Master!
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